17 Best Back Chair Massagers To Try

Best Back Chair Massager Worth Trying – Back discomfort can be significantly reduced by receiving a quality hands-on treatment. Similar to this, quality back chair massagers are made to offer some level of pain alleviation and rest without the need for interpersonal contact.

Some people choose to use back chair massagers as a possible means of relieving their back pain for a variety of reasons, including the ability to receive a massage in the seclusion of their own house, convenience, and time effectiveness.

Following are some of the best back chair massagers to try:

17 Best Back Chair Massagers For Back Comfort

1. Best Personal: DAIWA Felicity Shogun Heated Portable Back Massager

Daiwa Felicity Shogun Heated 3D Shiatsu Kneading & Tapping Back Neck Massager for Chair with Vibration in Black

The Shogun is a cutting-edge neck and back massager that can be attached to any chair or other form of sitting to target tired muscles that are difficult to reach. An optional heat setting warms the muscles and dissolves stiffness while automatic massage nodes move and revolve to provide a combination of deep-kneading and tapping shiatsu massage therapies. Sit back, unwind, and enjoy a massage that effortlessly goes through a number of features thanks to three auto programs.

The Daiwa Felicity offers rolling massage programs for the upper, lower, or entire back, as well as a spot-massage option for concentrating on a single trouble location. auto-off after 15 minutes. In order to tailor each treatment to your requirements, the nodes used for back massage can be addressed in a number of different ways. It has the price of $299.00.


  • Vibration strength settings for Spot Massage Option 3
  • adjustable stimulation for the shoulders and neck
  • Heat Treatment
  • automated shutoff in 15 minutes
  • advanced tapping technology
  • padded foam


  • may not be that effective
  • cannot be folded
  • no guarantee

2.RENPHO Back Chair Massager With Heat – Best For Back Pain

Back Massager with Heat, RENPHO Chair Massage Pad, Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat, for Shoulders, Full Body

It is the ideal present for you, your family, and friends. This RENPHO massage seat cushion imitates massage hands to give you an expert and gratifying massage. With the adjustable neck massage support, you can raise it to your preferred height to ease neck pain.

Using the combined rolling force of 4 massage heads and 8 massage nodes for a continuous back massage, along with a heating feature and vibrating cushion, it can help you feel like you’ve had a real massage by relaxing your muscles, relieving fatigue, and even improving blood circulation and bodily function. Maximum comfort and safety are additionally provided by premium polyurethane leather and an overload safety prevention system.

You can take care of your neck, shoulders, back, hips, and guts with a massage bench cushion. It has a price of $139.99.


  • There are two massage modes: target (selected point/area treatment) and preset (lower/upper/full back massage).
  • Eight spinning shiatsu nodes for thorough kneading and four back massage heads
  • The warm feature relieves back and neck weariness and promotes blood circulation.
  • Vibrations with 3 degrees of programmable intensity provide additional comfort for the hips and legs.
  • Overheating and a 15-minute preset timer shield the device from dangers.
  • Premium polyurethane leather is strong and simple to maintain.
  • Any chair can become a massage chair by using the harness method.


  • Leather may tear off
  • Not guaranteed to work
  • Not that effective

3. COMFIER Back Massage Chair – Best for Back & Waist Pain

Comfier Shiatsu Back Massage Seat Cushion, Deep Kneading Full Back Massager, Massage Chair Pad with Heat, Gift For Family

The back massager uses Shiatsu rollers with four rotating nodes that can travel up and down to perform deep tissue massage on knotted and tense muscles, bringing relief to the entire body and assisting in the reduction of exhaustion and stress. (2 adjustable intensity levels for options). You can personalize the zone and have a soothing treatment with the shiatsu back stimulator. You can select to have the pressing massage concentrated on the full-back, upper-back, or lower back.

Additionally, you can use the SPOT massage function to target a particular region of your back for intense relaxation. Your soreness and stress will be further reduced with the assistance of the heated Shiatsu back massage recliner. The Shiatsu rollers on the Comfier back massager have four spinning nodes that can move up and down and imitate the motion of a masseuse’s hands while performing deep tissue massage on knotted and tense muscles. This relieves exhaustion, stress, and muscle soreness throughout the body. It has a price of $83.99.


  • Back stimulator
  • Targeted massage
  • Relieves exhaustion
  • Good for relaxing
  • Heating
  • Massage recliner


  • May not be that effective
  • May not be suitable for everyone
  • Spot massage

4. SNAILAX Back Massager – Best for Back Pain & Lumbar

Snailax Back Massager Chair Pad, Motors Massage Seat Cushion with Heat, Extra Memory Foam Support Pad

Instead of a shiatsu stimulator with roller balls, this massage chair cushion only vibrates. The neck rest and lumbar support cushions on the massage seat cushion are made of soft, comfortable memory foam, which offers you better comfort and fantastic pressure relief. The back stimulator provides a relaxing, soft massage for the back and legs to help alleviate stress and strain. It has 10 strong vibrating motors (8 spots for the back and 2 for the thighs).

A GREAT GIFT for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or a celebration for a cherished one. With its combination of the neck, upper back, lower back, and seat, along with its all-inclusive 5 programmed settings and 3 changeable massage intensities, it provides the finest treatment you can create. It has a price of $47.99.


  • Comfortable foam
  • Heating
  • Pressure relief
  • Back stimulator
  • Lumbar support
  • Alleviate stress
  • Comfort


  • Cheap in price
  • May not be that effective
  • Not fitting everywhere

5. NAIPO Back And Neck Chair Massager – Best for Neck, Back & Waist Pain

Naipo Back & Neck Shiatsu Massager Cushion Pad with Heat, Height Adjustable Kneading Rolling Massage Chair Pad

Maximize your limited massage time with big relief of your entire back, by courtesy of 6-Node Shiatsu Massage Cushion With Heat from Naipo. Stimulating muscles on both sides of the spine, back vibration provides gentle movement to help loosen muscles tightness. Deep-kneading, shiatsu massage nodes with adjustable intensity soothe aching muscles and relieve tightness. 3 back massage zones for your choices: full/upper/lower back.

Rolling massage nodes with height adjustment travel the full length of your back, stimulating muscles on both sides of the spine. On top of the anti-rewind design, anti-skid design are added to adapt to various extreme seating conditions to the greatest extent. The strapping system turns any chair into a massage chair. It has a price of $96.69.


  • Deep kneading
  • Relieves tightness
  • 3 back massage zones
  • Rolling massage
  • Height adjustment
  • Strapping system
  • Fits all


  • No guarantee of quality
  • No heating
  • Not that effective
  • Expensive

6. FATATA Back Massager Chair For Back Pain – Best For Thigh Pain

FUTATA 8 Mode 3 Intensity Full Body Shiatsu Back Massage Chair Pad, Kneading Neck Massager with heat, Massage Seat Cushion,Neck/ Back Massager with air Compression for Shoulder Muscle Soreness Relief

Select a pre-programmed massage or narrow the nodes’ breadth and height to pinpoint comfort. Embrace the heating function for more relaxation. USER FRIENDLY: With the incorporated strapping system, it’s simple to receive a massage in any regular-sized workplace, living, or dining room chair.

After 15 minutes, the stimulator automatically turns off to avoid overheating. WHERE YOU START: (1) Massage Cushion with 110- to 240-volt Power First, a One-Year Limited Warranty. It has a price of $43.99.


  • An excellent and cosy relaxation cushion
  • Extremely slender construction that is portable
  • Eight types of massage
  • 15/30-minute timing component
  • Used on multiple sites, including the back, neck, hips, and legs.
  • Power:12v
  • AC/DC adapters for use in cars, homes, and offices


  • Electricity is consumed a lot
  • Cheap in price
  • Not that effective
  • No quality assurance

7. SAYFUT Intensity Back Massager Chair – Best for Back Relief

SAYFUT 8 Mode 3 Intensity Car Chair Massage Heat Mat Seat Cushion Neck Pain Lumbar Support Pad Back Heat Kneading Rolling Vibration Massager

Use this massage cushion to quickly and effectively alleviate pain, soreness, and tension without interfering with your daily activities. Take charge of your massage experience with the customizable remote and choose from a variety of massage methods like rolling, vibration, and shiatsu. Complete with customizable warming and multi-zone capabilities.

This massager targets specific massage positions and combines multiple pressure points to decompress your entire back, neck, pelvis, and midsection while also promoting muscular relaxation and pain relief. Modern thermal technology is ideal for enhancing the benefits of massage. Any massage programmer is enhanced by the extra relaxing heat function in 8 Mode 3 Intensity. It has a price of $47.99.


  • Targeted massage
  • Pain relief is quick
  • Modern thermal technology
  • Decompresses entire back
  • Customizable settings
  • Multi-zoned


  • May not be that effective
  • No assurance of quality
  • No new technique

8. Best Personal: DODOING Back Massager Chair For Pain Relief

DODOING Car Home Chair Seat Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager with Heat Kneading Massage at Home, Car, Office Massage Shiatsu Massagers

This massager targets specific massage positions and combines multiple pressure points to decompress your entire back, neck, pelvis, and midsection while also promoting muscular relaxation and pain relief. It has a price of $44.99.


  • 8 types of massage modes
  • 15/30 minute timing feature
  • Leg, pelvis, neck, midsection, back, etc. -Applied to multiple sites.
  • 12 volt AC/DC adapters for use in vehicles, offices, and homes Techniques used in massage include scrubbing, pounding, massaging, pushing, rolling, and vibration.


  • Not that effective
  • Cheap
  • No quality assurance
  • Electricity consumption is more

9. JANISON Back Massager Chair With Vibration

JANSION Car Home Massage Cushion Office Full-Body Back Neck Lumbar Massage Chair Pad Electric Heating Vibrating Full Body Massager Chair In Cushion Lumbar

This massage cushion can be used in the workplace, at home, or in the vehicle, making it a convenient way to ease daily physical stress brought on by work, travel, and other stressors. Made from premium materials that are healthier and more environmentally favorable. You can get a relaxing massage for your back, neck, lumbar region, and legs from the built-in 5 pulsating motors. What are you still holding out for?

You can definitely use this product to knead or unwind. Don’t blow such a fantastic opportunity tailbone area receives soothing thermal therapy for deeper relaxation. It has a price of $40.78.


  • Lumbar support
  • Kneading
  • 5 pulsating rotators
  • Tailbone area relief
  • Thermal therapy


  • No quality assurance
  • Maybe uncomfortable
  • May not be effective

10. ALLJOY Back Massager For Back Pain – Best for Neck & Back Massage

Back Massager with Heat, Chair Massage Pad, Shiatsu and Rolling Back and Neck Massager for Chair, Massage Cushion with Heat, Height Adjustable Massage Seat, for Shoulders, Full Body

You can get a back and shoulder massage from a licensed practitioner in the comfort of your own house or place of business with the help of a back massage chair pad. Shiatsu, rolling, kneading, vibration, and heat are all combined in the portable massage chair to help you relax, reduce sciatica and the discomfort associated with degenerative disc disease, and increase blood circulation.

Please clarify that the dimensions of the back and seat massagers—28.3 inches in length and 16.9 inches wide—are appropriate for you. This merchandise is better suited for you if your lumbar height is between 20 and 24 inches. By pressing the Back Spot button, you can halt the massage head and direct it to one specific spot for a relaxing treatment. It has a price of $223.99.


  • Good for sciatica
  • Increases circulation
  • Lumbar support
  • Easy to use
  • Back spot option
  • Heating
  • Kneading
  • Turn off immediate


  • May not be effective
  • No assurance of quality
  • Very expensive
  • Does not fit all

11. BELMINT Folding Back Massage Chair With Heat – Best for Back Massage

Belmint Folding Shiatsu Massage Chair with Heat, Back Neck and Shoulder Massager

The Belmint shiatsu massage chair can be folded to save room and is intended for leisure. With the Belmint foldable massage chair, you can get expert massages for your neck, upper, and lower back as well as vibrations in a strong and supportive chair.

The right side armrest has a control panel where you can change the strength level to meet your soothing needs. It was created by Belmint engineers with the greatest dedication to providing massage solutions for fatigued, achy, and overworked muscles.

The Belmint Shiatsu Massage Chair is the way to go if you want to relieve strain and stress that has built up in your neck and back and get rid of knots. It has a price of $334.99.


  • 8 Back Massage Nodes
  • 4 Neck Massage Nodes
  • 3 Vibration Settings
  • Easy to Fold for Storage
  • Adjustable Chair Positions
  • Fully Customizable Controller
  • Mobile Phone Charging USB Port
  • Storage Pocket for Phone or Magazine


  • Heavy
  • Very expensive
  • Not that portable
  • May not be effective

12. Best Car: Sunshine Crackers Back Massager Chair For Back Pain

Sunshine Crackers 8 Mode 3 Intensity Car Back Massager Car/Home Chair Seat Massager Back Neck Shoulder Thigh Massage Cushion with Heat for Car Home Office

8 setting, 3 strength, back neck, shoulder, leg, and chair seat massager with warming for vehicle, home, and workplace use. The item has massage functions for the back, neck, hips, etc. It can give you vigour fast and alleviate pressure, muscular tightness, tiredness, and fatigue.

A microcomputer-controlled 12 volt safe voltage car back masseur is used. Extremely secure to use. You can select from 8 massage settings to massage various body regions. Three levels of seat vibration configuration. The intensity of the treatment can be changed. Automatic timing device for improved product use. The device will turn off on its own.

Beautiful look that suits a variety of individuals. Sitting or laying down is an excellent option. It has a price of $45.59.


  • Secure to use
  • Various body region massages
  • 8 settings
  • 3 strength
  • Neck massage
  • Back massage
  • Automatic timing


  • May not be that effective
  • No quality assurance
  • Pricey

13. COSTWAY Back Massager Chair – Best for Neck & Back Pain

Costway Shiatsu Massage Cushion w/Heat Massage Chair Pad Back Massager Gray

Do you desire to receive a licensed treatment at home? To alleviate discomfort in your shoulders, back, waist, hips, and legs, choose our massage cushion. The legs can also be made more comfortable with the adjustable air compression massage levels.

Additionally, the blood circulation that is enhanced by the heating feature can help to reduce tension and fatigue. And to prevent misuse, it will turn off autonomously after 20 minutes. Moreover, you can use it wherever you want because it is so adaptable and interoperable.

The intensity of the neck massage can be changed to accommodate various user requirements and heights. It’s the ideal present for your loved ones. It has a price of $135.99.


  • Neck and back heat therapy soothes muscle tension
  • Auto shut off after 20 minutes to ensure high safety
  • Adjustable neck massage nodes to fit people in different heights
  • Match with normal sized chairs and sofas
  • Suitable for home and office use
  • Flexible & folding design for easy carriage and storage
  • Hoop and loop strap secures the cushion to the chair
  • Easy-to-operate controller provides great convenience
  • Made of skin-friendly PU leather and breathable mesh


  • May not be effective
  • May be uncomfortable
  • Pricey
  • No quality assurance

14. Best Car: LOTTA Back Chair Massager For Back Pain

Chair Body Massage Mat Heated Seat Cushion Mat Back Neck Pain Massager Vibration

With the assistance of this device, you can massage every part of your body, which will help you feel less worn out and more energized. 8 types of massage modes. Timing options of 15 or 30 minutes. Leg, pelvis, neck, midsection, back, etc. when applied to multiple sites. Power:12v 6. AC DC adapters for use in cars, homes, and offices.

Package contains: 1 × Massage Mat for Car charger: 1 Power adapter: 1 one user guide AC/DC adapters for use in cars, homes, and offices Leg, pelvis, neck, midsection, back, etc. used in multi-site. Various treatment methods, including stimulation. There are eight different treatment settings that a masseur can use. There are 3 different intensities, controlled by a device.

The controller offers eight different massage choices, varying levels of vibrating massage strength, and customizable duration. It has price of $59.85.


  • Timing options
  • Heating
  • Kneading
  • Spotted massage
  • Eight modes
  • 3 intensities
  • Multi-site function


  • A little pricey
  • No assurance of quality
  • May not be that effective

15. Best Personal: LELINTA Back Massager For Back Pain

Car Back Massager Chair, 12V Chair Massager Heated Cushion Mat, Back Massager for Car Seat Massager,Chair Massager for Relieve Stress, Lumbar,Shoulder, Heated Massager Cushion

This buzzing cushion has a dual kneading mechanism that resembles a thorough Shiatsu treatment. The shiatsu device moves up and down the length of your back to apply the deep-tissue pressure you require to eliminate your painful stress knots. It will give the impression that you are leaving your home to visit a masseur for a treatment.

You can fasten this massage cushion to virtually any chair in your workplace, living room, or desk. It has an incorporated binding system that allows it to securely attach to almost any chair. Because it is movable, you can take it with you wherever you go for a relaxing vibrating massage, whether that be to work or on a trip. It has a price of $60.99.


  • Nice appearance, widespread use by the populace.
  • High-frequency massage ball integrated into intelligent design.
  • Can be controlled by depressing the matching massage ball key components to create custom massage combos.
  • A double-sided construction to accommodate various stylistic requirements. Mutispandex is the cover material.
  • May rapidly calm the body and mind, alleviate fatigue, and lessen discomfort and pain.
  • To increase immune cell activity, smooth bodily meridians, and self-regulation of the brain.
  • Circulation has a strong supporting function because it can speed up blood circulation, boost cellular oxygen supply, and improve anaemia.


  • Is pricey
  • Not that portable
  • Not proven to be effective

16. Best Comfort: POPSTORE Massage Back Chair

Massage Seat Cushion, Back Massager, 7 Vibration Massage Nodes, Massage Chair Pad for Home Office Chair

This back massage chair cushion uses seven potent vibrating massage nodes that target the upper back, mid back, and extend deeper into your back and legs. This massager helps to relieve muscular tension and fatigue from everyday work.

Comforting Heat: You can separately switch on or off the heat. It enables the use of heat without stimulation. And provide comforting, gentle warming to ease tension, boost circulation, and calm muscles; it also has an overheating protection system and a 15-minute timer for safety. Portable & Convenient: Just attach the harnesses and plastic clip to your chair—at home, at work, etc. securely holding the stimulator in position.

Put it in safekeeping after the massage session is over by easily folding it. can be used as a bed, couch, or workplace chair. It has a price of $43.91.


  • Auto timer
  • Kneading
  • Heating
  • Muscular tension relief
  • Overheating protection
  • Ease tension
  • Comfortable massage
  • Stimulator


  • May not be effective
  • Has more price
  • Not proven
  • No assurance of quality

17. NK Back Massager With Vibration – Best for Full Back Massage

Neck Back Massager Vibration Massager with Heat Adjustable Intensity Massage Chair Pad

This can be carried anywhere and is a perfect solution for your back pain. It has a price of $60.09.


  • 8 different massage settings, 3 levels of massage intensity to choose from, and controller AC/DC adaptors for use in the house, car, and workplace
  • various massage methods, including stimulation, kneading, pounding, scraping, striking, and so on
  • A built-in massager is part of the mattress warming.
  • The controller offers eight different massage choices, varying levels of vibrating massage strength, and customizable duration.


  • No assurance
  • Not that effective

FAQS Back Chair Massager Review

Is Vibrating Massager Good For Back Pain?

Your vertebrae and joints may experience observable advantages from vibration treatment. Spending a short time on a vibration platform can ease persistent pain, unwind tight muscles, and soothe irritated nerves brought on by compression. The intense tremors simultaneously affect the vertebrae, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Are neck and back massagers safe?

Neck massagers are a secure, efficient method to relieve neck pain as long as you abide by manufacturer directions. When used properly, they can ease tension, ease discomfort, and increase blood flow to congested or overused regions.

Can I use a massager for my spine?

The only important thing is that you do not massage directly on your spine, but only on your soft tissue. You can use the massage gun on your back on your own in areas such as your lower back, but to reach other parts of your back, it is best to get a second person to use the massage gun to relieve tension in your back.  

What to Know About Back Massager?

Here are a few things to consider before choosing the best back massager.

  • Massager Style
  • Portability
  • Heat

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