5 Star Nutrition- The Industry’s Leading Nutritious Product Line!

5 Star Nutrition does not fulfill a single goal with its products but offers solutions to a wide range of problems:

  • Muscle gain for athletes
  • Increase your performance levels
  • Manage your weight
  • Boost your energy
  • Transform your body

If you are looking to get a lean body, lose a few unwanted pounds, be healthy, or get toned, they offer a range of vitamin capsules, supplements, protein powder, fitness packs, meal replacement, and muscle recovery products.

Where Can You Get These Products?

The headquarters are built at 8500 Shoal Creek Blvd Bldg 4 Ste 150 Austin, Texas, 78757, in the United States. The company’s contact number is : (508) 478-6100. Because the company has over 60 locations in the United States, the products are easily accessible.

Furthermore, you can get the products on www.amazon.com or the company’s official website: www.5starnutrition.com.

The Founder and The Mission

Cody Stephens is the founder of 5 Star Nutrition.

The company started in 2009 with a group of college friends, who wanted to bring forth the most knowledgeable people in the health industry to craft the best possible health products.

The Core Values:

The core values that are incorporated:

  • Grind
  • Compete to win
  • Self-improve
  • Drive satisfactory results

The company wants you to enjoy your journey of transformation! They take your goals personally and help you achieve them through their products. Additionally, they get to know the customers wants first so they can better recommend products to them from their wide range. Your dream goals can become a reality with their assistance! Since their clients put their trust in them, they are not content with merely succeeding; instead, they strive for excellence.

The Best Products You Can Opt From 5 Star Nutrition

The company offers the best products from some of the top brands including Nutraone, Bucked Up, Anabolic Warfare, Insane Labz, Foxyfit, Raw Nutrition, Axe And Sledge, Redcon1, BlackMarket and Ryse.

Some of the hot sellers are mentioned below:

1.    5 Star Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate

5 Star Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate

The product is a vital choice of athletes for muscle gain during their workout and for attaining peak performance. It has a wide range of benefits including

  • High source of energy
  • Aids in ATP synthesis during your workout
  • Aids in the muscle recovery after your workout
  • Sustained Creatine loading
  • Supports cognitive function
  • Helps support your brain function 

2.    5 Star Nutrition Nutraone Vitality Powder

5 Star Nutrition Nutraone Vitality Powder

Vitality powder is preferred for athletes to get their necessary micronutrients and vitamins. It has a wide range of benefits including:

  • Improving your sleep habits
  • Providing you with multiple nutrients and vitamins at once
  • Fights cancer-causing free radicals
  • Rich source of antioxidants
  • Assists in the assimilation of fiber, protein, and carbohydrates
  • No added sweetener or preservatives 

3.    5 Star Nutrition Omega One Capsules

5 Star Nutrition Omega One Capsules

These capsules are a good support providing an athlete the necessary Omega 3- fatty acids that your body needs for working at its full potential. Bone, brain, joint, and digestive health are all promoted by it. Fish oil helps take care of your digestive tract and cardiovascular functions. Additionally, it strengthens your immunity. It also helps in providing joint mobility and healthy bone structure. The clinical studies done on the product have also shown to support the health of intestines and colon. 

1.    5 Star Nutrition Vegan Creations Protein Powder


This awesome and delicious protein powder is the ultimate solution to meet your protein needs without using animal products. The company makes sure that it is easy to digest and has 20 grams of plant-based protein. The ingredients used are Pea protein and Brown rice protein. Additionally, the Product is made with Stevia and sucralose sugar to keep the sugar content minimum. What you see in the product description is what you get! The product does not have any extra amino acids to increase the protein content. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is the owner of 5 Star Nutrition?

Cody Stephens is the owner of 5 Star Nutrition.

How many locations are there of the brand?

There are over 60 locations of the store.

What are the timings of 5 Star Nutrition?

The company stores have a timing schedule of 10 am to 7 pm.

What is the return policy of 5 star nutrition?

The company has a 30 day return policy of the unopened product that you buy from them.

Are 5 Star Nutrition products good for weight loss?

Yes, the meal replacements shakes are great and proven to help in weight loss.

Does the company offer a military discount?

Yes, the company offers a 5% military discount on all their products.

Do they have discount offers?

Yes, the company does have coupons and promo codes that you can attain.

Do the fat burners of 5 Star Nutrition work?

Yes, the fat burners do work as are proven by the customer response.

Customer reviews

Review by Tony:

Their protein shakes are very effective and the absolute best. I used to get stomach issues from other brand products. Their shakes are very delicious and they do not make me feel bloated at all. It has worked wonders for me! I use mine with almond milk for my weight loss routine and it has been very helpful.

Review by Karen:

I chose the peanut butter flavor with chocolate almond milk. It had great flavor! Not only is it not overpowering, but it also doesn’t have that fake aftertaste. It didn’t even make me feel gassy or bloated. Would definitely order this wonderful product again.

Review by Anthony:

I was sticking to a low-carb diet and let me tell you what a blast their meal replacement shakes are!  No preservatives is the cherry on the top. The low natural sugar content is also reassuring. Would definitely recommend it to everyone opting these products!

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